Boyd Rolleston
Boyd cast smile e345 E4
Portrayed by Sam Bunkall
Age 32
Gender Male
Occupation Surgeon
Residence Ferndale

Boyd Rolleston arrived at Shortland Street in September 2012 after being hired by Rachel McKenna as a new surgeon. There was originally some animosity between himself and Chris Warner, who knew Boyd and was unhappy with the appointment, however the two quickly resolved their problems with each other.

Justice for JuliaEdit

Boyd quickly attracted the attention of friends Lana, Kylie and Emma, who recognized Boyd and believed he may have something to do with the death of Kylie's sister Julia. It was later revealed that Julia was in fact alive, a fact Boyd revealed to Kylie after her and her friends began a vendetta against Boyd.


Boyd has recently been seen getting close to Nicole Miller, and the two have been on dates and kissed. However she is not keen to commit to a relationship with the surgeon.

Brooke Freeman has also shown an interest in Boyd and has been shown trying to cause friction between Boyd and Nicole. In 2013 Boyd and Brooke married each other.

In 2015 he begin a relationship with Harper Whitley and the two got engaged. On their wedding day in December, a gunman took hostage the Shortland Street Hospital Cafe, causing Boyd and Harper to abandon their wedding ceremony to help in the situation. Harper, who was trying to hide her feelings towards Drew (who got shot during the event and was in a critical condition) eventually blew her cover and Boyd noticed that she loved him. Boyd told Harper that he already had to fight TK for her once, and didn't want to do it again therefore ending their relationship. Harper gave her engagement ring back to Boyd.

In 2016, Boyd started to become close with Bella Durville who was devastated over the loss of her mother Wendy Cooper.

Boyd cast smile e345 E4