Brenda Holloway
Portrayed by Katherine McRae
First appearance 2006
Last appearance 1 November 2007
Cause/reason Died
Gender Female
Occupation Nurse

Brenda Holloway was a character on Shortland Street.

Ferndale Strangler and deathEdit

She was the sixth victim of Joseph Henderson, the Ferndale Strangler. Joey's motive in killing her was that Brenda was investigating the high numbers of cardiac arrests that were happening at Shortland Street Hospital. These were caused by Joey giving patients suxamethonium without reason, causing their hearts to start failing. Brenda found out who the Ferndale Strangler was on Hallowe'en (31 October) 2007. Brenda rang Chris Warner (CEO) to arrange an 'urgent' meeting with him, Scotty, and Justine Jones. After this she went into a patient's room because the call button has been pressed by Joey. Thinking the patient needed help, she went into the patient's room and found the patient asleep. She then saw the curtain move, and, pulling it back, found the killer, dressed in a George Bush mask, who injected her with the lethal dose of suxamethonium. The next episode, November 1st (though set on the previous day), Shanti Kumari found Brenda, who was still living, and she and others tried to resuscitate her, however she failed, making her the sixth victim of Joey's.