El Rancho

<tr><th style="background: #DEDEE2; color: #000; font-size: 120%; text-align: center;" colspan="2">Information</th></tr><tr> <th >Ex-occupants</th> <td >Nelson Copeland
Li Mei Chen
Vinnie Kruse
Maia Jeffries
Jay Copeland
Libby Jeffries
Kieran Mitchell
Claire Solomon
Joey Henderson
Morgan Braithwaite</td> </tr><tr> <th >Occupants</th> <td >Gerald Tippett
Nicole Miller</td> </tr>

El Rancho is a residence in Ferndale, the fictional setting of Shortland Street.

The house was originally owned by a patient at the hospital, but she eventually sold the house to Nelson Copeland, who moved in with flatmates Li Mei Chen and Vinnie Kruse. Nelson soon moved away to the Solomon Islands, but his sister Jay Copeland and her girlfriend Maia Jeffries moved in for some time.

Eventually after much house shifting, Maia's sister Libby Jeffries moved into the house along with Claire Solomon. They soon gained a new flatmate in the form of Kieran Mitchell. Both girls fell for Kieran, but Libby began dating him first. However when Libby discovered that Kieran had been sleeping with Claire on the side, she moved out. Eventually, Claire was murdered but Kieran gained two new flatmates in the form of Joey Henderson and Gerald Tippett. Drama followed when it turned out that Joey was the one who had murdered Claire, and was in fact the Ferndale Strangler. The current inhabitants are Gerald and Nicole Miller.