Ferndale is the fictitious Auckland City suburb in which the TVNZ soap opera Shortland Street takes place.

Location of FerndaleEdit

Ferndale's location has never been disclosed, but it is suggested it is near either the Auckland CBD, or to Auckland International Airport despite the fact that they are far from one another. The Warner's house also suggests that it could be near Kohimarama, in the Eastern Bays. One episode even suggested Great Barrier Island.

Early episodes of the show suggested that Ferndale was located in the East Coast Bays area of the North Shore. This was because the show was originally shot in Browns Bay until South Pacific Pictures opened up their new studios in Waitakere in 2000.

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Shortland Street HospitalEdit

Main article: Shortland Street Hospital

The Shortland Street Hospital is where most of Shortland Street's action take place.

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