Maxwell Avia
Robbie Magasiva as Maxwell Avia
Portrayed by Robbie Magasiva
First appearance Mid 2009
Age 30's
Gender Male
Occupation ED Doctor
Residence Flat

Maxwell is in his thirties and is an adrenaline junkie who thrives on stress. Professional and steely, Maxwell flew in mid 2009 from Hong Kong, where he worked in an emergency department, to replace Kip Denton as HOD of ED. He prefers to get the job done with a minimum of chit-chat, and his stern determination often puts him on the outer with his co-workers. Although blunt in his criticism of sloppy work practices, he can be charming when he chooses, and his brooding and romantic demeanour often draws attention from female staff. Coming from a lower socio-economic family, Maxwell has got a working-class chip on his shoulder, leading him to be hard on others who he believes have had it too easy.

Maxwell is highly committed to the wellbeing of his patients, and he's determined to help others in need whenever he can. Maxwell originally shared his flat (supplied as part of his contract) with vixen Brooke Freeman, but she now lives with TK Samuels. Maxwell is neighbour to Tania and Maia Jeffries.

He dated Tania for a while, and then moved on to Tracey Morrison. Tracey discovered that Maxwell had a gambling problem, and also that he had been married with a child he rarely sees, who was not in fact his. Maxwell's gambling problem was definitely not under control, so Tracey broke things off with him. Maxwell worked hard to turn his life around, but recently Sid Mitchell has got him back onto gambling. Maxwell also started dating Sarah Potts.