Millie Hutchins


Gareth Hutchins (Father)
Daisy Hutchins (older sister)
First Appearance
7 October 2015
Last Appearance
18 January 2016
Portrayed by
Brittany Clark

Millie Hutchins made her first appearance on 7 October 2015 portrayed by Brittany Clark. She was a patient of Drew McCaskill who wanted a breast transplant. However, it was discovered that she was underage (15) after she had a injection in her breast. She had the surgery but then her father Gareth blames Drew for it. She returned a couple of months later at Drew's apartment wanting a place to stay to get away from her father which Drew accept her to stay for one night. In 2015 Season Finale Millie returned to calm her father down after he helds hostages in the cafe However in 2016 Gareth was shot dead by the Armed Squad and was asked to identity the body and she later say sorry for what her father done and leaves.