Tillie Samuels

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Hair Colour
Eye Colour
TK Samuels (Father)
Sarah Potts (Mother)
Daniel Potts (Half Brother)
Portrayed By
Nathan Anderson (2011)
Nalani Rose Tuhoe (2011–12)
Leila Eketone (2012—)

Matilda Māreikura "Tillie" Samuels is the daughter of Sarah Potts (Amanda Billing) and TK Samuels (Benjamin Mitchell) who was born in mid-2011. Tillie was originally portrayed by baby boy – Nathan Anderson but the baby started to grow much more masculine and European looking than producers wanted and Nalani Rose Tuhoe was cast to replace him. Tillie was named after a waitress who worked at a restaurant Tillie's grandmother – Pam (Teresa Woodham) dined at. In September 2013 Sarah accidentally reversed over Tillie in a truck after she crawled into the driveway. Despite severe injury, Tillie received surgery and survived. The following year, controversy erupted at the hospital when receptionist Leanne Miller (Jennifer Ludlam) smacked her whilst looking after her. In August 2014, Tillie was left without a mother when Sarah fell victim to a deadly illness.

A 2012 scene that saw Brooke Freeman (Beth Allen) awkwardly attempt to sing a Māori lullaby to Tillie, was voted by fans as the top moment of the season.