Zac Smith was a Nurse at Shortland Street.

Zac originally appeared on the soap as a builder in 1995. He only remained on the soap for a brief period but returned after several months as a bartender and began dating Rachel McKenna. Fa==After Rachel nearly drowned when drunk, Zac dumped her and fled Ferndale.

He returned to the soap in 2012, as a carer for Sarah Potts's son Daniel Potts, this led to him dating Sarah and later beginning an affair with Vasa Levi after he was employed as a nurse by the hospital.

He attacked Roimata the alleyway near  IV during a party.

He drugged TK Samuels during Bella Coopers and Luke Durville's wedding which resulted in Murray Cooper seriously injuring his leg after TK tried to drive his car home whilst drugged. Luckily, no amputation was needed for Murray.

In 2013 Zac entered The Samuels residence and kidnapped Roimata and held her hostage in the IV cellar for several days.

Roimata was found and Zac was eventually arrested for his crimes as sufficient evidence became available in February 2013.